Nursery Beds in 25 Local Schools

The concept of a School Tree Nursery was born of working with the Earth Restoration Service.

In 2011, with funding from Nafso, we helped schools to build growing beds for the trees that we deliver in November through to February. Each school then looks after the trees until planting time at the end of the autumn term 9-12 months later.

Veolia donates 10 tons of ProGrow which we bag and deliver to each school to condition the soil. This is an annual task that takes place in October for which many hands are needed. The date can always be found on our Events page.

Some schools are very lucky in the help they have from parents, grandparents and green-fingered staff… others not so.

We actively seek gardeners with a few hours a month to spare to help teachers and their pupils with their tree nurseries.

If you can help and are interested in finding out more we would love to hear from you. Contact us here.