Through a working partnership with 25 schools in Andover and surrounding villages, it is our aim for every young person in our community over the 10 years 2012 – 2021 to have planted at least one tree in Harmony Woods.

Every year over a two-week period in November and December since 2012, we have welcomed 1000 children and young people, their teachers, families and friends to plant the trees that have been growing in their school tree nursery beds.

How do we do this?

  1. We source 1000 tree whips annually and between December and February deliver them to our 25 tree-planting schools

  2. We deliver ProGrow, donated by Veolia and bagged by volunteers, to the schools to enrich the soil in the nursery beds

  3. Pupils and school staff plant the trees in their school nursery beds and look after them until they can be lifted the following winter for planting in the wood

  4. We provide transport over planting fortnight in November and December to bring the children and their trees to the wood

  5. Supported by teams of volunteers we help the children and their teachers to plant the trees in the wood. Each year the wood grows a little more as anything between 600 and 1000 trees are added.



Building on this, we will work with a core group of schools over the coming years to embed the shared tree planting and creation of community woodland into teaching programmes, offer support to develop Learning In the Natural Environment (LINE) and develop Harmony Woods as a field study and education centre.


Six Trees and Six Flowers

Children leaving primary school will be able to identify 6 British native trees and 6 chalk downland wildflowers. This is to be achieved not only through planting, but through art and archaeology, science and storytelling.

Once we get to know something we learn to value and respect it;
Once we value something, we want to protect it.

Something to Inspire...

  • Common Ground: Common Ground is an arts and environmental charity based in Dorset

  • The Children’s Forest: A network of outdoor places dedicated to connecting children to nature

  • The Sylva Foundation: helping forests thrive for people and for nature

  • Flora Locale: Promoting the restoration of wild plants & habitats for biodiversity, landscapes & people

  • Plantlife: Plantlife actively campaigns on a number of issues affecting our wild plants and fungi

  • Richard Shilling: Landart – Richard makes sculptures from natural materials.

Between the Barrows 2018: Excavation led by archaeologists from Southampton University for our partner schools