What went on in September 2019: Virtual reality

The month kicked off with two students from Harroway School, Grace and Izzy, who ran their own #GrowWild youth project. They created 3 virtual reality tours within nature and showcased them at an event on Andover High street. By bringing nature into the town centre via virtual reality, they hoped to instil in the general public a new found appreciation of the local environment, and therefore a desire to interact with and care for it.

They led every aspect of their project, from coming up with the idea, creating the virtual tours, to promoting the event and successfully carrying it out on the day.

They had virtual tours of Harmony Woods, The Flower Bedroom, and an Ox-Eye Daisy Garden – capturing the essence of each place for us all to experience whenever and wherever we would like. You can find the tours on the Google Poly website.

They later took the VR into school and up to Harmony Woods – and they plan to continue sharing their creations at future events.

Well done Grace and Izzy!

Written by Alex Marshall.

Wendy Davis