Roots & Shoots Awards 2018

Harrow Way students win Roots & Shoots Award for Group Most In Touch With Nature and are rewarded with a trip to Kew Gardens. Here are some of their responses.


“At the awards it was amazing because we got to meet Dr Jane Goodall. It was so cool just to be in the same room as her. When the awards were handed out the speech that Dr Jane said was just so inspiring just to be sat there listening to what she had done in her life was just amazing. My reaction when we won the award was surprise and excitement because I didn't think that we would get one of the awards and when we got up on that stage Jane said thank you to all of us and I was just so thrilled to be up there with her.
Part of our prize was visiting Kew gardens. We went to Kew on the 25th of May 2018. We went around most of the garden including the fungarium. We learned about different types of fungus and plants. I liked looking at all the fungus and the mini waterfalls and the giant lake that is close to the entrance. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been to.”
“At the awards it was great seeing all of the other schools and finding out what they had done to support our community. I also loved meeting lots of different people from all around the world that do all sorts of different things.
I was really surprised when we found out that we won the nature award because I knew that we had some competition and that it was our first year in the ethical awards. However, I was very proud of the comments we were given and the work we had put into our display.

Kew was amazing! We got a private tour of the fungarium where I learned that most fungi isn’t the normal mushroom shape, some look really weird, some are huge whereas some area tiny. I loved going in the palm house and seeing all of the different foods being grown from all around the world.”


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