Andover Trees United, the next 5 years 2017 - 2021

The Great Growing Project


Over the next five years, our main goals are:

  • Growing the project and putting our work on a sustainable footing

  • Growing the volunteer team and increasing the number of young people and adults who volunteer

  • Growing community involvement to develop stronger connections with individuals, local organisations and business for mutual benefit

  • Growing the wood and adding more trees, wildflowers and butterflies

  • Growing understanding of trees, the climate crisis, acting locally, thinking globally, taking responsibility and making a difference



  • Growing learning in and about nature, while supporting schools to develop a creative approach to learning in the natural environment.

 “We learn to love nature as children, and our commitment to nature later in life – respecting it, protecting it, restoring it, or simply enjoying it, is built on that childhood foundation.

The natural world is good for us all, children and adults – for our health and souls, it is a bedrock of society and the economy, and it matters for its own sake.”

Minister of State Rory Stewart in his introduction to ‘Natural Connections’, published July 2016



    Illustrated Vision
    Elements of the Great Growing Project
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    Harmony Woods

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    Wildflowers workshop 30-6-18.jpeg

    Community Connections

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    The Cabin

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    6 Flowers.jpg

    Six Trees and Six Flowers

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